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Imagine the stories your brand would tell if it could write! Would it write about the unique qualities that it wants to share with the world? Maybe it would highlight the vibrant people it loves to connect with or the fun commonalities it has with its followers or the excellent staff representing your brand. Just like humans, your brand would want to share the many exciting news on its journey. 

However, unless your brand is a person, it most likely will not be writing its own story any time soon. Even if your brand is a person, you might not have the time or the desire to write your account yourself. Plus, why should you write for your brand when you can focus on everything you are already doing? You can hire a professional writer and storyteller with strong technical proficiency, such as myself. I will get to know your brand and your company's culture in such a manner that when I write, you will think your brand is writing for itself. 

As an experienced publicist, columnist, and editor, I bring to your brand a unique perspective as a creative writer and deliver material that is marketable and comprehended by its audience. I'm also a bilingual (English-Spanish) award-winning top communications professional who has been captivating and building audiences through writing for over 20 years. 

Passionate about communication, I have created vibrant B2B and B2C content for diverse platforms and audiences while maintaining the tone and spirit of the brand the content represents. As a strategic storyteller, I accomplish the desired purpose of web content, blogs, landing pages, PowerPoint presentations, white papers, brochures, handouts, email and direct marketing campaigns through persuasive communication, plugins, and a strong call-to-action. As a content writer, I thoroughly research keywords and focus on SEO optimization through content updates, meta and title tags, and use images and video sparingly on blogs and web pages. But enough about me.


I want to hear about your brand and goals and discuss how we can achieve them together. Are you seeking a writer—with a potent combination of creative talent and technical expertise—who is excellent at adding stories to images, scripts to video, and creating visual pictures through words? Then, give me a call 786-357-7998 or email me, and let's maximize your brand's shine!

Monica Puig

Writer  Executive Trainer Monica Puig
Experienced in evergreen Content Writing and/or Revision and Editing for Compliance with Florida Bar or Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines (MCMG)
Monica Puig with Monarch butterfly
Besides writing, I'm also passionate about raising Monarch caterpillars. I love releasing butterflies because they remind me of all the content that I write and send out into the world.  My writing develops like a Monarch, a butterfly (your brand) lays the egg (hires me) and a caterpillar is born (message and purpose) develops and grows until its time to form a chrysalis and goes through metamorphosis (I'm transforming your story into written words) to reveal a magnificent butterfly that is now ready to go out into the world. 
“These look amazing! You did a really great job! ... Your services are so worth the money!"
"I am too busy to write a blog or a newsletter for my business and finding this service existed was great. Once I signed off on the design of my online newsletter, all I have to do every month is approve the topics and then the final articles."
  “I was going to print some material for an upcoming event and urgently needed someone to edit them before printing. Monica's revisions were exceptional and found the price for same day services very fair. I was so impressed with how clearly she was able to describe my business that I hired her to ghostwrite my blog.” 
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